Six Considerations

#6 Promote an Educational System That Is Agile

The top priority of America Succeeds’ Agility Agenda is for agility to be a foundation of public educational systems. The premise for an agility agenda is that it will likely be impossible to predict how educational systems will need to respond over the coming decades. As such, systems must be able to adapt, and caution must be taken so that the educational system we create today is not irrelevant in the near to intermediate term.

Regardless of how education needs to adapt, five basic principles should remain a priority for all regions within the state: 1) all children in Idaho should have reading, mathematics, and science skills that are in line with their grade level; 2) all children in Idaho should have access to health and physical education; 3) all children in Idaho should have access to art and music education and history; 4) all children should be taught in a way that builds problem-solving skills and determination; and 5) all children should have a foundational understanding on how to use technology.